This is Team Bestel – welcome!

I like creating stuff, and I like that I created this stuff, for example this website but mostly music which is my chosen way of expressing myself which you can listen to. Poetry, which is another way of voicing the blobs in my head which you can read. Photography, which I like to use to share the world around me in an aesthetically pleasing way, which you can see. Film making and editing which is great for music videos and showing you my journey, which you can watch. A doodling habit that I like to use on album covers which I can make into posters and you can view and have. I make my own graphics which is good for touring the world and posting about it on social media which is probably how you got here now.

I want to keep creating and you seem to like it when I do, which is really fab. But I like doing everything, and there’s a lot, too much to do if I need to do all the others things that allow me to have a roof over my head to try to create under, and maybe eat ice cream sometimes. Balancing all of these things I need to do, and all these things I want to do, as you’ll know, is hard. It leads to spikes and dips in enthusiasm and happiness, and these past 8 years of self employment have taught me that if I try to do absolutely everything, I get distracted, I stop focusing on what I truly want to do, I then don’t give it my all, I stop creating, and can get sad.

So being honest, I’d much rather be funded directly by my Team and give back to you exactly what I want to create the way I want to create it.

But here’s the thing, I don’t want to monetise getting to know me either. I’d love for this to be a community of likeminded people who enjoy some arty blobs from a baritone wielding hobbit, a community that shouldn’t exclude based on funds. For this reason I’m still going to share every part of my creating to everyone because I feel that’s fair, but supporting me by joining Team Bestel you’ll get all my music to download free including covers and back catalog, my news and art previews before everyone else direct to your inbox, an official snazzy button badge and my sincerest gratitude for allowing me to carry on doing what I love.

So if you have the funds, and would like to support me click here. I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate it.