Please read through all of these as it’s very important to understand exactly what you’re signing up for.


All of your personal information is kept secure and will never be given to any 3rd parties.

All content on this website is for membership holders only and copyrighted to Zoë Bestel. If you are found to be sharing, copying or republishing exclusive content from this website, your membership will be revoked*. In extreme cases legal action may be taken.

Particular content and perks are dripped; you must stay in Team Bestel for a certain and varied amount of time before these are unlocked.

To unlock dripped content you must have purchased the specific membership for that content and continued with that membership for the correct amount of time. You can upgrade, but your time with reset for the dripped content of the higher membership.

Members can upgrade or downgrade their membership at any given time. If the latter, perks from a previous higher membership will decease.

Any harassment, bullying, vile language or abuse will not be tolerated and result in a revoke* of membership.

Silver, Gold and Platinum I complimentary tickets are subject to availability and exclude tickets to festivals.

Complimentary tickets come in pairs. Each pair is redeemable for just one chosen gig.

Complimentary tickets cannot be sold and in doing so will revoke* membership. If unable to attend the concert, please use the contact form to inform me.

Coffee at pre-gig meet ups are not provided or paid for by me. Other beverages are, of course, allowed.

Physical albums for Gold and Platinum members depend on availability.

Gold 1 on 1 lessons/sessions last one hour and are 3 per year and, unless discussed otherwise, 1 every three months. Subject to availability of both parties.

Platinum sessions/lessons are whenever appropriate for both parties with a maximum of one 1 hour session every two weeks.

Lessons are not compulsory, you do not have to have them if you wish not to.

Platinum one off open mic opportunity is whenever available and appropriate for both parties.

Platinum ‘house concerts’ are one 1hr 30min set, or two 45 min sets at events including parties, weddings, or smaller functions. Further details including travel, accommodation and PA will be discussed after payment via email. If, for any reason, there is an issue around safety in planning of these concerts, I am eligible to pull out, cancel, and in extreme cases revoke membership with or without refund depending on if expenses have already been paid.

Terms and conditions may be changed/updated/amended by Zoë at any given time if necessary.


*Membership revoke means that you’re kicked out of the Team. No future payments will be taken, but money spent will not be reimbursed.