Have you ever wished you could’ve been there when your favourite song came into being?

Ever wished you were sitting next to them as the melody floated around their head?

Wished you’d known what was going on in their life to inspire them, what music they’d been listening to, what movie they couldn’t get enough of?

Imagine that you’re there with them, the ultimate encouraging friend, when they’re bouncing ideas off  you and sharing their creative process.
Better yet, imagine getting all their exclusive merch, into gigs and sound checks. Hearing what their new songs will be called before anyone else, what they’re about, the artwork, heck, you even get to write a song with them!

How flippin’ awesome would that be?

Well, friend, I invite you to experience the music with me as I make it! Join me on this journey, be part of the team. I want to share it with you.

Let’s do all of this together!

Introducing Team Bestel, the ultimate online hub of all things Zoë Bestel – that’s me!

I’m a rambler; I love explaining how and why I do things, writing diary entries of musicalness, telling you what books I’m adoring, what has inspired me recently and then sharing my new idea blobs with you to see what you think.

I’ll be going on a lot of artyfarty adventures and would absolutely love to take you with me, you up for it?

There’s a bunch of extra snazzy goodies that come along with being part of awesome Team Bestel too:

To name a few! There’s lots more. Cool, eh?

Heck, yes – Let’s do this!

I’ve been musical for most of my life but only started writing my own songs and calling myself a musician about 7 years ago. The decision to make musical blobs full time was one of the best I’ve ever made.
I’m still very much at the beginning of my career though, but experimenting and discovering, learning and growing are things I’ll always carry on doing. I’m absolutely chuffed to share my journey with you and now I get to tell you even more! Aaaah it’s so exciting!

So if musical rambles about my writing process, and many many snaps of the beautiful nature of Dumfries & Galloway is something you dig, then I think you’re going to love Team Bestel.

It’s gonna be really awesome to have you in my team, I’m looking forward to it!

Click here to join!